Tinamaria Marongiu’s Biography


The award-winning artist Tinamaria Marongiu was born in Cagliari (Sardinia) in 1961. She works and resides in her native Italy. She began her artistic career as a trained singer and musician, receiving early success with her LP “Contremano” distributed by Virgin Records in Germany. Like singer songwriter, in 2005, her original song “Motherland” won critic’s choice at “The Italians in the World” competition held in Paris, and in 2007, her first full length CD “From Poetto to Malecon” was released under Interbeat Records and distributed throughout Europe by CNI.
But Tinamaria did not limit herself to music. Her "Curious" nature and her will to search other expressive artistic avenues lead her to expand her creativive skills to different forms of art to include songs, poetry and photography up to land to Contemporary Art.

Gaining her Masters in Art-Counseling, Tinamaria, began expressing herself with various artistic techniques, which opened new frontiers for her abilities and brought her to today's position of a Multimedia Artist. Her fine art is exhibited internationally in Countries including Italy, France, Spain and the United States, with shows throughout Miami and New York City.


Contemporary Art - “Box-Es” : static representations of be-ing in constant be-coming

Tinamaria began showing her art works "Box-es" in Italy and alla round the World in 2009 .

Box-Es: are works on wood, sealed in Plexiglas and Forex cases, which you can hang on a wall or place on a support. The artist uses various materials, both organ- ic and inorganic, combining them with colours. Two constant elements characterize the Box-Es:

the box, which, as in a photograph imprints, through the creative act, a personal representation of a fragment of the world, or a thought, gazing intently at a Social-Historical life. The other constant is characterized by the "pill and everything that care" besides various elements used in treatment, like a symbol of psychophysical and existential ease and/or dis-ease of the Humanity and of the World.


2013 -'' Compact Art"

After years of research and experimentation Tinamaria Marongiu coined the term "Compact" in Contemporary Art, with with the intention to give a specific classification to her "Box-Es" made with materials disparate and hard cheeses cast to the color. Tinamaria's work is composed of matter and thoughts that blend and become compact, representing...Matter and thought that blend, compact, representing fragments of a personal vision of our world and moments of Social life.

Tinamaria Marongiu... a Social Ideal in her Thought COMPACT: harmonious, united, unanimous compact group, compactness ---"COMPACTNESS" as for "UNIVERSAL UNION" .... leading to the construction...which way "Universal Union" leading to the construction of the new, the right, in respect of humanity and of our Universe that so abused, goes in and destroys. Voices of people traveling through the bouncing virtual network, between images and phrases of discontent and dispute, around the globe. Ideal of life for a “COMPACT HUMANITY” TM


www.tinamariamarongiu.it https://www.facebook.com/tm.tinamariamarongiu?ref=hl info@tinamaria.it